in and out

perhaps this is just me, but there are certain songs that just help me breathe a little better. for instance, the song Kissing You by Des’ree – best known from this lovely film. from the opening piano strains my eyes close and my chest rises.
"…watching stars without you, my soul cries…"
there is just something about that music that enables a deep breath – a large inhale and a slow exhale.

this is just one of many for me. are there songs that open up a space in you?


miz fuhrell said...

That one does it for me, too. Other surefire ones are "Ghost" by indigo girls, "Double Cure" by Vigilantes of Love, and "Moses" by Patti Griffin. Of course, you're asking this question of someone who has become a "hair-trigger crybaby", so I don't know much that doesn't evoke a jolt to my spirit. Heck, I had to suppress sobs when a song from a Veggie Tales soundtrack came up on the iPod while I was exercising! ;)

michelle said...

ahhhh..."Ghost", that one brings instant tears. i perfectly relate to the "hair-trigger cry-baby" thing. it's a daily thing these days - songs, books, stories on npr, tv/movies, commercials even (especially the olympic one with the morgan freeman voice over about the guy that fell during the race and his dad helped him finish it...close to sobs).