a few losses

first my deepest apologies for not having the long-promised bonfire gathering at my apt on the lake, affectionately known as Narnia. it seems i let time rule me for the last year and a half. and now, as of tomorrow, i will no longer reside in the beautiful old mansion overlooking lake erie. i will have to post some pictures eventually of the beautiful backyard with the 300+ year old tree - the only thing that stood between the house and the rocky shore of the lake. i will miss the quietness of this home, the strength of our big tree, the many moods of the water. i felt more at home here than anywhere. i will miss the deer, the rabbits, the many birds including a wild turkey and a couple of eagles - all of this about 2 miles from downtown Cleveland. i won't miss the skunks or the may flys though. i will miss the skyline and Indians games and the varied cultures and backgrounds that i am surrounded by here and have grown accustomed to. we moved all of our belongings almost two weeks ago and i started saying goodbye then. it will be wonderful when i finally find a job, but until then i will continue saying goodbye to this great city that grows on you.