i'm so there

The Trumpet Child World Wide Release Concert
On August 31st, Over the Rhine will kick off THE TRUMPET CHILD 2007 WORLD TOUR with a gala Album Release Concert at beautiful Coney Island Moonlight Gardens in Cincinnati, Ohio

Robert and I will be in attendance. Anyone else want to join?


observations from the ladies room

things i've noticed in the public restroom lately:

- the care instructions in the back of my hanes says "machine wash warm. do not iron." seriously. just in case you were thinking about it, do not iron these underwear. seriously. anyone out there ironing their underwear???? i'm lucky if my pants get ironed in my mad, i'm-running-late-again dash to work in the morning.

- women have a high propensity for talking to each other while in the stalls. i'm all for friendliness ladies, but it's slightly uncomfortable having a conversation while my pants are down to my knees. so, unless you're family, let's talk while we wash our hands.

- and speaking of washing hands...please, i'm begging, if you're a non-handwasher; first, gross, wash your hands!!! and second, at least pretend to wash them when you're in there with another person. and another small point, just running water over them for 1.3 seconds with no soap is really quite pointless. don't even bother. p.s. i'm never going to take the pen that you offer me when i'm trying to fill out that inter-office envelope. thanks anyway.


in the land of plenty

#1 lesson of 2007 (i thought i already knew, but never had to put into practice):

i can live with so much less (sub-revelation, i am very greedy)

the first part of the lesson came when we moved our 15' truck full of stuff to dayton in june. as you may have already read, i'm still in cleveland due to lack 'o employment in dayton (for now). so, i kept behind a few essentials - air mattress, a few dishes/silverware/cookware, bathroom stuff, an 11" TV, DVD player and a small folding "saucer" chair, plus some clothes and sheets/towels. it can all fit in my little car. and i'm not missing anything (and could probably give up more). it's nice to have a couch and a bed that's not on the floor and my books, but it's nicer to know that i can live without it.

the second part of the lesson came when i chose to visit a doctor that specializes in weight management, who put me on a very strict diet. i had ignored my health for quite a long time and was completely out of control. i probably eat a quarter of what i was eating prior to the doctor's visit. and i'm not starving.

i was talking to a friend yesterday about this lesson and she shared that she was learning that over-eating isn't so much about gluttony as it is about greed - hording, like we'll never eat again. and it's true, there were times when i'd be starting a "diet" on Monday, so i ate everything that i thought would be so difficult to live without the weekend prior to starting. such a twisted, unhealthy, greedy mentality. add in the fact that while i'm hording, there are people starving and i've got a whole new lesson. God help me.

i am thankful for being forced into staying behind in Cleveland. may the eyes of my eyes be opened.