As I was (not) so gently reminded by ang, it has been quite some time since I’ve posted here. I always feel a bit guilty because I am one of those I-read-your-blog-everyday-why-haven’t-you-posted-anything-new-in-two-weeks kind of people. So, I’ll give it a shot – the whole posting more often thing.

So, today, I’d like to pose a question for all two readers.

Is anyone else bothered by the lyrics “I will shout your fame” when referring to Christ?

Perhaps I am overly sensitive or judgmental or both. Or perhaps it was just the cumulative effects of a Starbucks in the lobby, the joke about emailing on the blackberry during service from people leading music on the platform and the very self-centered - not God focused - songs that had come before. Or the fact that I haven’t been in more than a handful of traditional (well not traditional in the historical church sense, but in the 3 praise songs with clapping and a little swaying, prayer, another song, prayer, sermon, song, benediction prayer sense) church services in the past four years or so, but I was pretty darn uncomfortable singing about shouting and fame when it was in reference to my very gentle-spirited, quiet and unassuming Jesus. I know there are extremely bold and quite rebellious aspects of His character discussed in the gospels as well as his gentleness and penchant for going off alone, but “shout His fame???” really? Shouting? And fame?

I was really missing How Great Thou Art and When I Survey…

Perhaps it’s not my community, but I hope to find one soon. It has been too long.