lookin' forward

i've opened this page to write an entry many times over the last few weeks but have always gotten interrupted (which is probably ok since i'm actually supposed to be working).

wedding planning has consumed my life, which on one hand seems very very sad...and on the other, not so bad at all. the things i've enjoyed most:

  1. finding beautiful locations for both the ceremony and the reception
  2. working on the ceremony with someone that really knows
  3. having friends and family bring the food - informal and intimate like a living room
  4. knowing robert and i are working on and towards something so much bigger
  5. planning vacation in spain!!!

things i've not really enjoyed so much:

  1. feeling the need to please everyone
  2. having to invite family that we never see because we should, and not being able to include some friends because we can only have so many people (which goes along with #1)
  3. all of the crazy little details
  4. the constant barrage of questions "what are you going to do?" "where does this go?" "what are you going to do with that?" "what do you think about this?" (i think everyone is getting a little impatient with the "i don't know, i haven't really thought of it" answer...especially since we're almost only 2 months away)

i am looking forward to it though...sharing and making this covenant with robert; sharing this day with people that i love, that have become part of who i am along the way; making the public declaration that we will continue becoming, hand-in-hand until death. it's overwhelming and beautiful and i am grateful. any wisdom from all of my wonderful married friends is always welcome...