let it in

i recently finished "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert. in the last section of the book she writes of a time of meditation in Indonesia. she took time to look at all of her sorrow, all of her anger, and all of her shame (jealousy, selfishness, arrogance)...each moment she could remember. for each of these memories she acknowledged its existence, experienced it again in all of its pain and frustration and debilitation, blessed it and invited it into her heart, saying to each moment "It's OK, I love you. I accept you. You can rest here. You are welcome here. Come into my heart now. It's over." as a Christian, in the simplest explanation of salvation that is taught to the little ones, Christ lives in our heart. takes up residence there. in reading this, i thought it a beaufiful expression of trust and abandonment - experiencing each moment of our lives in a quiet, honest space and inviting it to find rest, to leave the space in our mind where we are tormented by the continuous existence of these moments - always brought forward in our dark and doubtful times. i know full well that there will still be memories, still moments of self-deprication, still heartbreaking loneliness...but i also know full well that i can continue to invite those moments into my heart, to find Rest, to find a Voice of truth, to find release.

be well friends.