man, my sister and her husband made one cute kid. seriously, don' t you just want to squeeze him?!?!?!?

better late than never

i was privileged to spend Friday evening in deep remembrance of the pain and suffering of Christ. commemorating with other followers the moments leading up to and during the crucifixion. feabily trying to empathize with those who were there, with those who lost leader, a dear friend, a son. i have been acutely aware of the severe mercy of loss in recent weeks. although i have never met mark or amy or micah palmer, i have known them through their words for a few years now. on my journey towards marriage, the idea of that loss - the loss of a lover, a friend, a lifemate - is almost crippling. i find myself often in tears feeling the pain of one i do not know. we are all so connected.

thank you, david and jenn for helping me enter in the weekend being mindful of all that was and all that is and all that is to come. i am grateful. here's to more moments of awareness.


killin' time...

...thanks to ang. i've totally got you beat on the squishiness.
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