i promise that once the wedding planning stuff is over i will be able to have a normal conversation that does not include any of the following:
  • what my "colors" are
  • seating arrangements
  • getting addresses for invitations
  • and so much more...

i would love to talk about:

  • traveling mercies and why i'm expectantly awaiting Anne Lamott on April 7
  • how every morning i will the tulips and daffodils that have sprouted outside my house to stay alive...that i'm hoping just as they are that eventually the sun will come out to stay
  • the blood red sky that i saw out my window last night as the sun was setting behind the lake
  • how i'm struggling to get out of the pattern of my upbringing when it comes to my relationship with food


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David said...

It was great to have time to talk on Saturday. It is encouragng to talk with people who are actively seeking the kingdom despite the lack of comfort it might bring in many aspects of their lives. I look forward to seeing you next Friday.

grace and peace