planning is so not my thing...

so, i need to figure out what music i want for the wedding and i'm having a hard time putting my arms around it.

Is "And So It Goes" (Billy Joel) a bit too sad for the special day? because i do believe it gets the message across.

here's what i know so far:
the lord's prayer (hopefully sung by the one and only Dana Baker, if he gets back to me with a "yes". so, if you'd like to help in the coercing, please feel free.)
pastoral symphony from The Messiah (for the girls to walk in)

a few considerations have been "brother, let me be your servant" and "bridge over troubled water"

any advice?

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C.K. Tygrett said...

well,these are non-traditional but:

"naked as we came" iron and wine
"hallelujah" jeff buckley or john cale or rufus wainwright
"one" or "all I want is you" U2

okay, so these are just some of my favorite songs. If Holl and I did the ceremony again I would want these as a part of it. They have such special signficance to us now...hindsight, you know...