dirty people

I want a Jesus who invites dirty people to his Father's table because his Father is deeply in love with them - John Frye at http://jesustheradicalpastor.blogspot.com/

i have been thinking lately about the openness that some have in their communities - with tangible, outward expressions as simple as leaving their doors unlocked so that all are welcome at any time. my first reaction to this revelation is "how unsafe. aren't they afraid of robbery or violence?" as a woman living alone, this idea, although in theory and symbolism very beautiful, is very frightening to me. when i am already uncomfortable at times when i'm all locked and cozy inside, how would i be able to handle the knowledge that someone could walk in at any time?

i was thinking of the above quote and wondering what my life could look like if i were to truly open up my life to those around me, to open my home because i was deeply in love. part of me naively wonders, would they come back and take what i have - television, computer, etc? and what if they did? what would i have lost? why do i have those things anyway? are they my possessions or am i theirs? what are they adding to my life? to my faith? to my journey? what if i lived in simplicity as i say i would like to?

so many questions...

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