i got an email from a person i went to college with wondering who i was because i had created a link to his page from this one. this world of "blogging" is so interesting. i have been reading so many different pages from people that i've known in the past, and even some strangers. it is interesting how you can feel close to a person through their words, through their questions that are also your own. i think it can be very beneficial to know that you're not alone on the journey. however it also makes it so easy to have artificial relationships. most of the people that i've been "in touch" with through weblogs have no idea that i've been reading their words, and relating to their writing. it's a way of staying connected without having to truly connect. i've noticed this pattern often and it is something that needs to be broken.

one foot in front of the other...

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Brandon Sipes said...

I kinda thought it might be you, though I wasn't making the connections. Not a lot of Michelle's I remember going to school with though.

Good to hear from you. I had no idea you were up in cleveland. Perhaps the contingent of somewhat discontent Nazarenes could meet up somewhere sometime.

I have room.