so i was tagged by ang...and here are my 8 random facts:

1. you may not be aware that i was tagged because on the list of "non-bloggers" i am listed as "reverb", a nickname i acquired my freshman year of college from none other than angie herself upon giving me a nice whack on the tukas, which resulted in a strong reverberation from my less-than-tight posterior. as far as i know, until this point, only ang, my husband and i knew this story...now it's out there for the world, or at least the five people that know i have a blog!

2. i have moved 18 times in my 30 years...and i'm preparing for number 19.

3. number 19 will be dayton, ohio so that robert (husband) can attend med school at wright state university.

4. i LOVE roller coasters - the faster, more twisty, more upside-downy the better.

5. i have a SEVERE phobia of vomitting, not necessarily vomittting myself, because that rarely happens, but OTHER people vomitting - hear a person coughing in a restaurant, can't generally finish my meal because i'm convinced they're on the verge of puking.

6. i was on the dean's high honors list for 7 semesters in college...my last semester in college, i had a 1.49 gpa (serious burnout). in fact, my degree actually says i am a graduate in the year 2002 (not 1998 when i walked and when i tell everyone that i graduated) because i never wrote my senior colloq paper and ended up taking a class at malone college to complete the requirement. sad, but true.

7. shows that i watch that i really don't like to admit that i watch: american idol, how do i look? (style network), so you think you can dance (which starts tomorrow - woo-hoo!!!)

8. i just learned to knit last year, and i'm totally addicted.


miz fuhrell said...

wahoo! I share your love of roller coasters, and find you so brave, dear, to share the etiology of 'reverb'. :) y'know, I really hope that the nazhole academia at least acknowledged that you were having a rough last semester...or did they just leave you to the vultures?

michelle said...

perhaps a rendezvous at kings island is in order! as far as the naz, it was lincoln stevens that i had for sr colloq and he gave me and extension until july to finish up - so they were good about it. however, once i moved to cincy and started working, i just couldn't get motivated. too busy watching real world at your apt. :)