how sweet it is...

just listening to a little live James Taylor. good times.

my wonderful husband indulged my art obsession for a couple of days in Madrid when we attempted to see most of the works at The Prado, the Thyssen-Bornemisza (which also contained this amazing collection), and the Reina Sofia. we failed miserably at The Prado (to see all of its works) - partly because there are just too many and partly because neither of us were very fond of the period of art that is prominently displayed there. i hate to seem judgemental about anyone's artwork, but it just wasn't my thing. however, when we got to the Thyssen, i was overwhelmed. the variety of art and artists was simply amazing. i have been to quite a few museums, but i must say that this was one of my favorites if that is possible. we spent hours wandering the rooms and halls on weary legs that had been walking the streets all day. i just couldn't tear myself away. the Reina Sofia was also quite wonderful - mainly modern and contemporary art. the most disappointing thing of this visit was not being able to see Picasso's Guernica due to renovation that had started two days prior to our arrival. deep sigh. it will have to wait for another visit i suppose.

the Thyssen website has most of it's collection available for online viewing and i highly recommend the break from whatever you are doing. enjoy dear friends. be changed.

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