the following post is an update letter from the beautiful ones at Invisible Children. Robert and I joined 250 other people in downtown Cleveland last Saturday evening. We were also joined by others all over the world - in order to join with the children in Northern Uganda that travel from their villages to sleep in the city every night to avoid being kidnapped from their homes. We were all connected in that moment. It was quite powerful and overwhelming to think of the children trying to find safety as I slept in a place that I would normally never go - fearing my safety.

We had been there for a couple of hours already and were settling in, then up the hill came this large group of 50 people carrying their sleeping bags and their compassion. It felt good to be one. I was frustrated by some that seemed to forget the purpose and created on large sleep over party. However, I had to remind myself that they came. They were aware of the situation and they came.

May we continue to make people aware of the things that are happening around the world - in Northern Uganda, in East Timor, in Darfur. And the list goes on and we remain unaware.

grace and peace to you.

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